In the lap of Himalayan nature, free from urban chaos lays a serene destination Sillery Gaon (village) -that is adoringly called also as New-Darjeeling. Welcome to Sillary Heaven Valley Home Stay and experience paradise.

Welcome to Heaven Valley :

Welcome to Sillery Heaven Valley home stay, a one in a life time opportunity to get close to the natural elements and experience the warmth and hospitability of heaven valley home stay in peace and tranquility. "Sillery" derives its name from a plant that grows in abundance in the region. This area is also well-known for its Cinchona Plantation that the British introduced in this region as a source of Quinine for treatment of Malaria. Heaven valley is perched on the top of the sillery gaon and the village houses around 30 families. The main attraction from Heaven valley home stay is its pristine greenery of sillery gaon and panoramic view of Mt. Kanchendzonga and Macchli-Puchhare.

Attraction :

Sillery Gaon


Damsang Fort